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Sinai Thunder Exceptional Love
2*M 2*D


DOB: 11/5/2019           Height:  "

ADGA Linear Appraisal Scores

2022:  2YO 1F:  ++++ 83

DHI Results

Displayed as:
Number of Days in Milk - lbs of butterfat (%) - lbs of protein (%)

2021/22:  2YO 1F

305 DIM:  488 - 30 (6.2%) - 24 (4.9%)

AGS Classification Scores


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2021: No Shows

2022: 2YO 1F

LR Logo.jpg
LR Logo.jpg

Five Generation Pedigree

GCH J-Nels LY Cappuccino +*B EEE 91

Cedar View Josephus +*B

SG Little Tot's Estate Silene 1*M EEEE 90

SG Cedar View Olivero ++*B ++*S VEV 88 EX 90 *ADGA Elite Sire*

Little Tot's Estate Bambino ++*B

SGCH Cedar View Isabella 4*M 4*D EEEE91 *ADGA Elite & Top Ten Doe*

SG Cori's Fancy Donatella 3*M VEEE 90

Sinai Thunder O Exodus +*B +*S +VV 84

Woodhaven Farms Bentley Hotwing

CH/MCH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero +B

CH/MCH/PGCH Gay-Mor B Lacewing's Parsley

SG Kaapio Acres HH Redemption 1*M 1*D VEEE 90 *ADGA Elite; ADGA & AGS Top Ten Doe*

Rosasharns TL Galaxy +*B +*S VEE 90

Rosasharn GX Cinnamon D

Rosasharn's UMT Wasabi 4*M 5*D

Sinai Thunder Expectant Faith 2*M 2*D ++++ 83

ARMCH Rosasharn SW Sapporo ++B S EEE 91

GCH Rosasharn SP Mercury ++*B ++*S

SG/ARMCH Rosasharn Eclipse 2*D EEEV 91 *2005 AGS National Champion*

SG Rosasharn MR General B +*B +*S VG 89 *ANDDA JuJu Sire Award*

SG ARMCH Rosasharn's Under My Thumb ++*B ++*S

SG/ARMCH Rosasharn's UMT Honey Bee 4*M 4*D VVEE 88 EX 90

SG/ARMCH Rosasharn Buckwheat Honey 3*M 3*D EEEE 91 *2007 AGS National Champion Senior Doe; 2010 ADGA National Reserve Champion Senior Doe*

Helmstead Minis GB Melee 1*M 1*D VEEE 90 *AGS Top Ten Doe*

Promised Land CP Zippo

Little Tots Estate Capachino

Little Tots Estate Anemone 1*M

Olson Acres Princess Wolfgang

Flat Rocks Gem

GCH Flat Rocks Vdoo Princess 1*M 1*D

HBF Cajun Vdoo


Sinai Thunder O Exodus


Cedar View Olivero

Kaapio Acres HH Redemption.png

Kaapio Acres HH Redemption

Kaapio Acres HH Redemption Udder Rear.jpg
Kaapio Acres HH Redemption Udder Side.jpeg

Helmstead Minis GB Melee


Rosasharn MR General B


Olson Acres Princess Wolfgang

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