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Cou Claire with moonspots.

DOB: 03/30/2022              Height: "


AGS Classifications

202_: _ YO = 

General Appearance: /56 = %

Dairy Character: /22 = %

Body Capacity: /22 = %


2022:  Junior Kid
2023:  Yearling

ADGA Linear Appraisals

202_:  _ YO: 

Progeny Retained

Last Resort O Wheel Snipe Cely

Five Generation Pedigree

SG Cedar View Olivero ++*B ++*S VEV 88 ADGA Elite Buck

Sinai Thunder O Exodus +*B +*S +VV 84

SG Kaapio Acres HH Redemption 1*M VEEE 90 Elite Doe, Top 10

Sinai Thunder EX Maccabees +*B +*S VEV 89

CH Rosasharn UMT Pippin *S *B VVE 86

SGCH Wood Bridge Farm Peridot 3*M 3*D EEEE 91 ADGA & AGS Top 10 Doe, ANDDA Total Performer

SGCH Old Mountain Farm Amethyst 2*M 2*D VEEE90

Sinai Thunder MAC Open For Joy *B *S +++ 81 VG 88.8

Cedar View Josephus +*B +EV 85

SG Cedar View Olivero ++*B ++*S VEV 88 EX 90 ADGA Elite Buck

SGCH Cedar View Isabella 4*M VEEE 91 Elite Doe, Top 10

SG Sinai Thunder O Maple Joy 8*M 8*D VEEE 91 EX 90.4 ADGA Elite Doe, ADGA Top 10 & Breed Leader for Butterfat

CapraKoza BT Lapis Lazuli

CapraKoza LL Surprised By Joy 7*M 7*D EEEE 91 AGS Top 10 Doe

Rosasharn SP Jump For Joy 6*M 6*D

Last Resort O Wheel Snipe Cely

GCH Farm Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr +B VVE 88

Farm Oldesouth BBS Limitless *B

SG Sugarmoon RB Faith 3*M VEEE 91 *ADGA Elite, AGS Top Ten Doe

Farm Oldesouth LMT Unlimited +*B VEE 90 *2021 & 2022 ADGA National Junior Get of Sire*

SG NC Promisedland Ram-Beau +*B VEE 90

SG Sugarmoon RB Faith 3*M VEEE 91 *ADGA Elite, AGS Top Ten Doe

SGCH NC Promisedland Legacy Sunday 2*M VEEE 91 *ADGA Elite Doe, ADGA Top Ten Doe*

Primrose Hill U Celandine 1*M 1*D +EE+ 86 VG+ 89.4

CH Gypsy Moon SB War-Paint *B EVE 90

CH Gypsy Moon WP Warparty ++B

CH Gypsy Moon SB Mia Meany VEVE 90

Farm Oldesouth WP Classic VEEV 89

Oldesouth Sun Ray +B

GCH Farm Oldesouth SR La Rouge 5*M VEEE 91

SGCH Farm Oldesouth Diva Diamond 4*M *ADGA Top Ten Doe*

Three Generation Photo Pedigree


Sinai Thunder EX Maccabees


Sinai Thunder MAC Open For Joy


Sinai Thunder O Maple Joy


Farm Oldesouth LMT Unlimited


Farm Oldesouth WP Classic

Classic Side Udder.jpg
Classic Rear Udder.jpg

Primrose Hill U Celandine

Photo Album

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