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Primrose Hill ShineOn 4Ever
5*M 6*D VVVE 87

Gold with moonspots and minimal white.

DOB: 04/17/2020             Heights:   "


ADGA Linear Appraisal Scores

2022:  2YO 1F:  VVVE 87

DHI Results

Displayed as:
Number of Days in Milk - lbs of butterfat (%) - lbs of protein (%)

2022:  2YO 1F

132 DIM - 490 - 24 (4.9%)- 20 (4.1%)

AGS Classification Scores


Show Results

2020:  No Shows

2021:  Dry Yearling

1 x 1st  -  2 x 2nd  -  2 x 4th

2022: 2YO 1F

Five Generation Pedigree

Buffalo Clover Sugar Daddy

CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino ++*B EEE 91

Five Alarm Sophia

Little Tots Estate Bambino ++*B

Woodhaven Farms Divine Appt

SGCH Little Tot's Estate Bambusa 1*M VEVE 90

Woodhaven Farms Afra's Angel

Cedar View Cavaliere *B

Pecan Hollow SFB Constantine

GCH Pecan Hollow C Winged Watchman +*B EEV 89

GCH Pecan Hollow Black-Eyed Susie 1*M

GCH Cori's Fancy WW Little Drama 2*M AR

Green Gate XFile

Maple Tree Knoll Dixie Belle 1*M

Buttin' Heads Acadzipy Award

Primrose Hill ShineOn 4Ever 5*M VVVE 87

J-Nels Simba

CH Gypsy Moon SB War-Paint *B EVE 90

Rosasharn TL Wadaabi 2*M

CH Gypsy Moon WP Warparty

Gypsy Moon CM Sugar Bear

CH Gypsy Moon SB Mia Meany VEVE 90

J-Nels DH Lacey VVEV 88

GCH Farm Oldesouth Diamonds-R4Ever 4*M 5*D VEEE 90

ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L ++B +AE 82

Rosasharn's TL Galaxy ++*B VEE 90

ARMCH/SGCH Rosasharn's Eclipse 2*M EEEV 91

SGCH Rosasharn GX UDiamond 3*M 4*D VVEE 90 *ADGA Elite Doe* Top 10*

ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb ++B

ARMCH/SGCH Rosasharn's Uni 2*M 3*D EEEV 90 *Top 10*

Rosasharn's Baby USA 1*M


Cedar View Tullia

Cedar View Cavaliere


J-Nels LY Cappuccino

Little Tots Estate Bambino


Cori's Fancy WW Little Drama

drama udder.jpg

Farm Oldesouth Diamonds R4Ever


NC Promisedland RC Bonafide

Gypsy Moon WP Warparty


Rosasharn GX UDiamond

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