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Last Resort U Half Toasted

Gold with abundant white, frosted ears, and moonspots.

DOB: 03/14/2021        Height:   "

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LR Logo.jpg

ADGA Linear Appraisal Scores


DHI Results

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Number of Days in Milk - lbs of butterfat (%) - lbs of protein (%)

2022:  1YO 1F

75 DIM - 95 - 4 (4.2%)- 4 (4.2%)

AGS Classification Scores


Retained Progeny

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2021:  Junior

1 x 5th

2022: 1YO 1F

Five Generation Pedigree

Creek Road Envoy ++B

PGCH/MCH/GCH Little Tot's Estate Tsuga ++*B VVE 88 *Sire of multiple SGCH, SG, GCH, and CH*

PGCH Woodhaven Farms Cowgirl 1*M ++E+ 83

SGCH/MCH/PGCH Little Tot's Estate Thalictrum ++*B EEE 92 *Sire of multiple SGCH, SG, GCH, and CH*

Buttin'Heads Cardiologist

PGCH Brush Creek Mercy 1*M 1*D *Dam of 2 progeny to LA 90+*

Jeanne's Jewel Opal

Cedar View Uberto +*B *S VG 85.9 (Littermate to GCH Cedar View Ulysses +*B EEE 91)

GCH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero +B

SGCH Little Tots Estate Dan'l Boone +*B VEE 90  *Sire of multiple SGCH & SG

SGCH/PGCH Little Tots Estate Abutilon 2*M EVEE 90

SG Little Tots Estate Grevillea 1*M EVEE 90 *Dam of 2 GCH/CH*

Woodhaven Farms Divine Appt

Little Tot's Estate Gypsophila *Dam of SG*

Little Tot's Estate Kalmia

Last Resort U Half Toasted

Willow Creek Luzin Streak

MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue ++B *Sire of multiple SG*

Woodhaven Farms Zesta

Little Tots Estate Chioke *Sire of ADGA Elite Doe

CH SM3Pines CRE Wizard *B

SM3Pines CREW Ziva

Pocket Sized PRTN Soon2BSummer

Last Resort Tatiana 4*M 2*D VG 86.9

GCH Chenango-Hills Lysander ++*B EEV 90

GCH J-Nels LY Cappuccino +*B  EEE 91 *Sire of ADGA Elite, SG, SGCH, & Top Ten Does

SGCH J-Nels BB Dimples 1*M VVEV 88

Cedar View Tullia 3*M 1*D VEEE 90 VG 87 *ADGA Elite Doe*

SG Cedar View Fabrizio +*B *Sire of ADGA Elite Does, ADGA Top Ten Does, littermate brother to ADGA Top Ten Doe

SG Cedar View Fiorina 2*M VEVE 89 *ADGA Elite Doe & ADGA Top Ten Doe; Dam of ADGA Elite Doe

SG Buttin'Heads Kachamak Bay 1*M VEEE 90


Cedar View Uberto

LR Logo.png

Last Resort Tatiana

Little Tot's Estate Thalictrum.jpg

Little Tots Estate Thalictrum

Little Tots Estate Grevillea.jpg

Little Tots Estate Grevillea

Little Tots Estate Chioke

Cedar View Tullia

Tullia 2020 2F Side Udder.jpg
Little Tots Estate Chioke.jpg
LR Logo.png
Little Tots Estate Grevillea Udder.jpg
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