Last Resort Bayou Bliss

Chocolate buckskin with extensive white

DOB: 02/06/2020               Height:   "


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ADGA Linear Appraisal Scores


DHI Results

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Number of Days in Milk - lbs of butterfat (%) - lbs of protein (%)

2022:  7YO 7F

40 DIM - 185 - 20 (11.0%)- 7 (3.8%)

AGS Classification Scores


Retained Progeny

Show Results

2020:  No Shows

2021:  Dry Yearling

1 x 2nd  -  1 x 4th

2022: 2YO 1F

Five Generation Pedigree

Little Tots Estate Paul Bunyun *B EVE 90

CH Fields of Grace Snowball VVV 88

SG Olson Acres Bit O Honey VEEE 90

Rolling Meadows Karmic Thunder

Kush-Hara Mario +*S

Kush-Hara Karma 3*D 1*M

Kush-Hara Isabell 2*D

Rolling Meadows Jokes On You *B

Rosasharn SH Celtic Ballad ++*B VEE 90

Rosasharn CB Prince Caspian *B

GCH Rosasharn TL Queen Bee 5*M VEEE 91

Parrish Farms PC Grace 3*M AR

CH Olson Acres SS King Arthur

Parrish Farms KAP Guinevere 2*M AR  VVVA 84

Cloven Trail Pippermint Patti 1*D

Last Resort Bayou Bliss

Little Tots Estate SEQ Bill

LNL MiniFarm Newton

LNL MiniFarm Lulubelle

Island Branch Kingsley

Chinook Winds SG Looney Tunes

Blessed Assurance Cleopatra

Pride of Texas Walla Walla

Last Resort Charlotte Charm 2*M AR

Little Tots Estate Metasequoia +*B

Island Branch Eugene

Little Tots Estate Pet

Island Branch Carolina 1*M AR VG 87

LNL MiniFarm Newton

Island Branch Raspberry

Blessed Assurance Cleopatra


Rolling Meadows Jokes On You

Karmic Thunder.jpg

Rolling Meadows Karmic Thunder

Grace Udder_edited.jpg
Grace Udder Side View_edited.jpg

Parrish Farms PC Grace

Last Resort Charlotte Charm


Parrish Farms ABA Pappy Snap

Island Branch Kingsley


Island Branch Carolina

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Charlotte 2F Rear Udder.png
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