Last Resort Acadia 2*M VG 86.5

2020 ANDDA Bronze JuJu Award Winner

Chocolate buckskin with extensive white.

DOB: 03/03/2019                Height: 21 1/2" 

2021: 2 YO, 2F = VG 86.5  

-- General Appearance: 30/35 = 85.7%

-- Dairy Character: 12.9/15 = 86%

-- Body Capacity: 13/15 = 86.7%

-- Mammary System: 30.6/35 = 87.4%

ADGA Linear Appraisals

AGS Classifications

2020: 1 year, 1 months

241 DIM:  480# milk
                      42# butterfat 8.8%
                      16# protein 3.3%

2021: 2 years

162 DIM:  416# milk
                   19# butterfat 4.6%
                   14# protein 3.4%

DHI Results


Show Results

Buttin'Heads Epiphus

Helmstead Minis E Apprentice +B VEV 88

Gypsy Moon Witchcraft

2019:  Spring Kid

1 x 1st Place in Class


Five Generation Pedigree

2 x 2nd Place in Class

Progeny Retained

GCH/MCH Parrish Farms ABA Pappy Snap +*B  *S EEE 91 *2020 AGS National Champion Buck*

GCH Rosasharn UMT Pippin VVE 86

Wood Bridge Farm Beyond Adoubt 1*M AR VVVV 88

Atwood Acres FT Mayflower

Sandy Hollow SHO Moonshine

Parrish Farms PSAS Zion +*B *S +A+ 80

GCH Sun Catcher Moonraker +B

SG Kannah Creek RM Frivola +AVV 84

SG Prairie Wood Autumn Sunset 1*M AR VVV+ 85

GCH Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues

Prairie Wood Sandia Sunset

Prairie Wood Choc O Latte

Last Resort Acadia 2*M VG 86.5

Little Tots Estate Bambino ++*B

SG Cedar View Fabrizio +*B

SGCH Cori's Fancy Dinah Belle 2*M VVEE 90

Cedar View Illuminato +VV 85

MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue +B

Little Tots Estate LB Laurel 1*M VVV+ 84

Little Tots Estate Daphne ++V+ 81

The Last Resort Cosmic Nova 1*M

CH Little Tots Estate Ericson *B +EV 85

Hilemon Hills Diego

Hilemon Hills Saphire

The Honeysuckel Rosefarm Pixie

Little Tots Estate Bambino ++*B

Cedar View Demetria 4*M AR +A+A 78

GCH Little Tots Estate Cyclamen 2*M

Acadia 2020 FF Side Udder.jpg
Acadia 2020 FF Rear Udder.jpg
Prairie Wood Autumn Sunset Udder Side Vi
Prairie Wood Autumn Sunset Udder.jpg

Parrish Farms PSAS Zion

Parrish Farms PSAS Zion


Parrish Farms ABA Pappy Snap

Parrish Farms ABA Pappy Snap

Parrish Farms ABA Pappy Snap 4.jpg
Prairie Wood Autumn Sunset_edited.jpg

Prairie Wood Autumn Sunset

The Last Resort Cosmic Nova


Parrish Farms ABA Pappy Snap

Cedar View Illuminato


The Honeysuckel Rosefarm Pixie

Rear Udder 2020 3F.jpg