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Chocolate chamoise with random white.

DOB: 02/11/2021              Height:  23 1/8"


Denbow Acres Prince Conde
*B GVV 81

AGS Classifications

2022: 1 YO = VG 86.6*

*Unofficial Score

General Appearance: 48.1/56 = 85.9%

Dairy Character: 18.5/22 = 84.1%

Body Capacity: 20/22 = 90.9%


2021: Unshown

ADGA Linear Appraisals

2022:  1YO:  GVV 81

Five Generation Pedigree

Fairlea Agamemnon *B

Humble Acres A Atreus

Flat Rocks Something Wild

GCH Tiny Angels A Rustler +B VEE 90

Dragonfly SC Watercolor

Humble Acres T Valhalla 1*M VEEE 89

Old Mountain Farm Callisto

Denbow Acres Rambo *B

Humble Acres A Atreus

GCH Tiny Angels A Rustler +B VEE 90

Humble Acres T Valhalla 1*M VEEE 89

SGCH Denbow Acres Trixie 2*M VEEE 90

Tiny Angels Moon Shadow

SGCH Weedy Tavern Farm Naomi 1*M EEEV 90

Tiny Angels Bambi’s Sonnet

Denbow Acres Prince Conde *B

NC Promisedland Tur-Beau +*B

SG Old Mountain Farm Keidan Quinn +*B +EE 88 *ADGA Premier Sire 2017* *Sire of 2017 ADGA Reserve National Champion*

Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn 4*M

SG Old Mountain Farm Maenar Quinn ++B VVE 88 *ADGA Elite Buck*

Rosasharn SP Jupiter *B *S

Painted Pepper RJ Mae Mae

Painted Pepper Sparkle 2*M

SG Denbow Acres Farm Diane Legacy 4*M VEEV 89 ADGA Elite Doe, ADGA Top 10 & Breed Leader for Volume

Flat Rocks Topaz

Painted Pepper RJ Miracle

CH Flat Rocks Vdoo Princess 1*M 1*D

SG Painted Pepper PM Rapunzel 3*M V+VV 86 *ADGA Elite Doe*

SilverAurora JT Talachulitna

SG Painted Pepper ST Judy 2*M +VE+ 83

SG Mt. Signal Farm Darling Dottie 1*M

Three Generation Photo Pedigree


Denbow Acres Rambo


J-Nels LY Cappuccino

Tiny Angels A Rustler


Denbow Acres Trixie


Denbow Acres Farm Diane Legacy


Old Mountain Farm Maenar Quinn


Painted Pepper PM Rapunzel

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